Women’s Tech Hub

WTHub wanted a fresh new website that would serve a number of different audience types and streamline the organisation's processes.


Candidate board

Mailchimp integration

Recruitment board

User-submitted content

Web design


The brief

Women’s Tech Hub (WTHub) is an organisation who offer a number of events and services to help women succeed in the tech industry.

WTHub already had a website but it was basic and the information wasn’t easy to find. There was a jobs board, candidate board and events page on there but these all required a lot of manual administration.

The website I built streamlines a lot of the processes, saving time for the WTHub team! Users can now submit job listings, candidate listings, events listings and even guest blog posts using a form on the website, these submissions then automatically go into the back end of the website as a draft post, ready for the WTHub team to simply review and publish. There is also the functionality for employers to pay for their job listing submission directly on site, meaning that more admin time is saved by not having to send out invoices for payments.

The jobs board, candidate board and events page are all filterable so that users can find what is most relevant to them. I also created a Help and Advice hub with filters so that users can self-serve themselves useful information, before, people were filling out a contact form to get this but now they can easily find everything themselves without needing to use up the WTHub team’s valuable time.

The website looks fresh and modern and clean, is easy to use and serves a number of different audience types.


Technical features

  • WordPress build with bespoke theme
  • Content-manageable
  • Fully responsive (mobile and tablet friendly)
  • Complies with accessibility guidelines
  • Meets web standards
  • Built with SEO in mind
  • Form integration
  • Jobs board
  • Candidate board
  • Events board
  • Automatic content submission
  • Payment integration

Example process of a user-submitted job listing

This illustrates one of the simple processes we put in place through the website

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