Locker Space

I worked with Locker Space to create a bespoke online rental system and information site for their school locker offering.

Admin dashboard


Custom Wordpress theme

Mailchimp integration


Private areas

SMS integration

Web design


The brief

I worked with Locker Space to create a bespoke online rental system and information site for their school locker offering.

Locker Space provide lockers to schools for free, which are then rented to students for a small annual fee. Locker Space needed a website where they could advertise their service to schools, and also where students or parents could pay for or rent a locker.

The brand had nothing but a logo so I devised the look and feel, including creating a suite of illustrations to use across the site. The website design is simple, clean and intuitive.

I built a bespoke system where the Locker Space team could set up schools and lockers. This system then generated unique codes for each locker that the Locker Space team programmed in to the locks.

The rental system allows students to rent and pay for their school locker, they then receive an email and text with their unique locker code.

I also built a secure and bespoke admin area where the Locker Space team, and school administrators, are able to access rental information and statistics.


Technical features

  • WordPress build with bespoke theme
  • Content-manageable
  • Fully responsive (mobile and tablet friendly)
  • Meets web standards
  • Built with SEO in mind
  • Bespoke rental system
  • Woocommerce integration
  • Integration with Constant Contact
  • SMS integration with Twillio
  • Illustration

Multiple audience types

The nature of the website means it needed to work well for multiple audience types:

  • Schools – it needed to encourage schools to sign up
  • Parents – it needed to be easy for parents to rent a locker
  • The client – it needed to be simple to set up schools and lockers in the back end, and manage and view rentals
  • School customers –  school admin teams needed to be able to view a secure admin area with rental details

Locker setup and rental process

Nice words

So glad we chose Nina to build our website and our online booking management and payment portal. She has delivered every aspect of the project on time with no fuss or problems. Support is excellent, we cannot recommend Nina enough. Great value, great service!

Dave Naughton

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