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A fresh, modern website to help a 200 year old society appeal to a younger audience

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The brief

The Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society is a charitable organisation that is over 200 years old. They had a website, but it was dated and basic.

The client wanted to create a website that would:

  • Appeal to a younger audience, whilst still being appropriate for older society members
  • Communicate the purpose of the society and it’s history
  • Enable online event bookings and online membership subscriptions
  • Enable grant applications directly on the website
  • Enable the grants committee to access a private area to assess and award grants
  • Manage memberships

The new website showcases the impact the society makes. It is clean, simple and easy to use. The website is content and feature rich, with lots of content for consumers and private functionality for council members and the internal teams at the society. Since the website launched it has been performed incredibly well, with a huge increase in membership signups compared to previous years.


Technical features

  • WordPress build with bespoke theme
  • Content-manageable
  • Fully responsive (mobile and tablet friendly)
  • Complies with accessibility guidelines
  • Meets web standards
  • Built with SEO in mind
  • Form integration
  • Woocommerce and Paypal integration
  • Event booking and membership system
  • Mailchimp integration
  • News section
  • Downloadable and searchable annual reports

Celebrating the impact the charity has made

The society is 200 years old, and in that time has impacted a lot of people and projects. We felt that it was important to showcase stats and figures on the website to communicate the impact the society has made so far.

Whilst in the early planning stages of the project, we also realised that the society had helped support a number of interesting and exciting projects across the city through the giving of grants. We thought that these projects should be brought to the forefront of the website to further demonstrate the impact the society makes. Snippets to these stories are dotted around the website, with a dedicated area for these within the site.

Making the society feel current and relatable

The previous website didn’t have many pictures, besides some historical type imagery that was related to the history of the society.

We suggested using images of younger arts and science students may help draw in a younger audience. Luckily, the society has links with the Leeds University, and so they were given permission to use some of their imagery.

The photography helps bring the website and the society into today’s world, and helps show a younger audience that the society is for them and not just for older professors and academics.

Making it easy to get involved

The website is feature rich and includes lots of potential tasks, including booking events, joining the membership or applying for a grant. We ensured that appropriate calls to action were placed throughout the journeys to help the user commit further to the organisation, whether that was by prompting them to sign up for a membership, book an event or learn about grants.

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