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The brief

Funds for Women Graduates (FfWG) is a charitable organisation who offer grants to postgraduate students.

FfWG already had a website, but it was dated, difficult to navigate and not mobile friendly.

The new website needed to:

  • Have a refreshed look but keep the existing logo
  • Have organised, easy-to-find content with a new site structure
  • Help minimise enquiries by helping people self-serve content
  • Make it clear what funding options were available and who was eligible
  • Make the journey to application straight forward (N.B the actual application process wasn’t included in this project)

The website I built is modern, clean and intuitive. Content is easy to find and journeys are simple. Call to actions are placed throughout the site to make it easy for the user to get to where they need. The new, refreshed look makes the brand look approachable and relevant.


Technical features

  • WordPress build
  • Content-manageable
  • Bespoke theme
  • Fully responsive (mobile and tablet friendly)
  • Complies with accessibility guidelines
  • Meets web standards
  • Built with SEO in mind
  • Form integration
  • Woocommerce and Paypal integration
  • Interactive eligibility tool

A refreshed look, extending the existing brand

When I began working on this project, the FfWG brand wasn’t anything more than a logo and a colour palette. The client didn’t want to change the logo and wanted to keep roughly the same colours. I started with their colour palette and refined this into something fresher and more modern by introducing greys and whites alongside more vibrant greens. I then paired this with modern, easy-to-read fonts. I also ensured that the design met accessibility guideline requirements. This included things such as making sure colour contrast ratios and font sizes were the correct ratios. In build, there were also other things we did to meet the accessibility requirements such as ensuring the elements, navigation and images were properly coded with the appropriate markup.

Image selection & guidance

Image choice was important for this project. The previous FfWG website didn’t use a lot of imagery, and the images that were on the site were old, ‘staged’ looking stock photos. There wasn’t budget for photography in this project, but I selected ‘real-life’ style stock imagery of women who could all have been real-life people that the charity had helped. Using imagery that reflected the FfWG audience was important as it helps show site visitors that the charity helps real life women, just like them. It also communicates that they are in the right place and encourages them to apply. As well as showing women who could be studying currently, I also showed images of women who could have previously benefitted from funding when they were younger who might now be in a position to support the charity through donations or other forms of support such as mentoring.

Content organisation & site restructure

The old website had lots of content, but it wasn’t well organised and the navigation was confusing. Some of the content was hidden away in a downloadable pdf. I reorganised the content, including some of that which was in the pdf, and created a brand new site structure. This made it easy for users to browse and explore as much or as little content as they wanted so that they could find out all about the charity and discover what funding was on offer.

Clear signposts and easy journeys

There were two main user-types that needed to be considered when defining the UX for this website. The first being potential applicants, and the second being potential supporters. I ensured that there were prominent call to action buttons throughout the website to help sign-post each person to the right place. I also structured each page to lead the user on their journey without asking them to use the main nav each time.

Nice words

Dream Machine Digital developed an excellent new website for BFWG Charitable Foundation. Nina understood our requirements and developed an eye catching and informative website. It was excellent value for money and the follow up support has been both helpful and timely. We would highly recommend.

Sally Dowell, secretary, Funds for Women Graduates and British Federation of Women Graduates

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