My tried and tested website process

My methodology makes sure your website will be a perfect fit for your business and customers, and will help you reach your business goals. Throughout the entire process, you'll stay in the loop, and we'll make sure to meet all deadlines and requirements.

Discovery, planning & user experience

At the beginning of every website project, we embark on an exciting journey of discovery, planning, and user experience. Together, we’ll dive deep into understanding your business, goals, challenges, requirements, and target audience. This collaboration is essential in crafting a user experience strategy that will make your website truly stand out.

With this strategy in place, we’ll outline the necessary sections your website needs, determine what content is needed, and harmoniously bring everything together to create a powerful online presence for your customers and your business. By taking the time to carefully plan and strategise, we can ensure that your website not only meets your needs but also delights your visitors with a seamless and enjoyable experience.

I also include technical scoping in this stage to make sure any features or functionality you want are included in the finished product.

Web design and UI design

After completing the discovery and UX planning stages, we’ll move on to the exciting visual design phase. To ensure we capture your vision, I’ll ask you to share a Pinterest board or links to websites that inspire you. This will help me understand how you imagine your site to look.

When it comes to design, I’m all about the details. To create user friendly, hard-working interface designs, I carefully consider elements like colour, typography, imagery, iconography, and layout. I keep up with the latest trends and make sure to incorporate accessibility techniques into my designs. And of course, I’ll make sure to weave in any existing brand styling and elements.

Throughout the design process, I want you to feel involved and included. We’ll have several review points where you can provide feedback and make sure the final designs reflect your vision. Your input is absolutely crucial in creating designs that are perfect for you!

Web development

I usually build websites in WordPress, a powerful content-management-system. This doesn’t mean you are limited to set designs or themes though, all websites I create are made with a completely custom theme and design to ensure your website looks and functions exactly how you want it, with the added bonus of you being able to change content yourself after the site has gone live.

The websites I make are properly coded using PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript programming languages. I code to all modern web standards, use best-practice methods and ensure that my websites all pass various validators such as Google Page Speed Insights to ensure high performance. All my websites are also built with SEO principles in mind so that they have the potential to perform well on search engines.

I have experienced a wide range of complex requirements and as I always aim to limit the amount of extensions and plugins I install on websites, I aim to build functionality from scratch using code. This ensures a clean, efficiently built website.

I am highly experienced in integrating tools and services into websites including: Google API integrations such as maps and reviews, Payment gateways including Paypal, Stripe and Worldpay, email marketing tools like Mailchimp, Constant Contact and Send in Blue, Twilio SMS service integration, QR code integration and custom email messaging.

Where appropriate, I include subtle elements of CSS animation and micro-interactions into web builds to elevate the browsing experience and create a high quality finished product.

Getting ready to launch and beyond

After the site is built, we will have a training session where I will show you how to add content. And then together, we’ll add your content to the site, making sure it’s organised and optimised. I’ll also make sure everything is fully tested to ensure it works like a charm.

Once you are fully happy with everything, we will set the site live. I can provide hosting, or you are welcome to arrange your own.

As well as putting the site live, I take care of the ‘housekeeping’, including arranging any 301 redirects from your pre-existing site if you have one, installing Google Analytics, setting up Google Search Console, and submitting the sitemaps to Google for indexing.

After the site has gone live, I will be around to provide any support and address any issues, as well as help with any changes or improvements further down the line.

Nice words

Working with Nina has been one of the best things that I could have done for my business. Her passion for her clients & design meant the whole process of designing a website was so much easier than I ever envisaged. The website that Nina created enabled my rankings to fly to the top of google and the good feedback I receive is endless. I can’t recommend Dream Machine Digital enough, thank you so much for everything.

Laura, founder of The Happy Little Nest

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